Phone Boosters

In an effort to be a little more "green", and environmentally friendly, we are recycling our scrap wood! As cabinet makers, it hurts to throw away pieces of high-quality wood, even if it's small. Well, we are putting those little pieces to use!

You don't need to use your earbuds and headphones to hear your music, we have designed wooden amplifiers for your smartphone. There is no electrical hook up, no batteries, no wires. Just the beautiful resonance of wood!

With no plugs or charging, these Boosters are incredibly simple to use, and very portable. Take them to the beach, the pool, a party, or just rock out at home! Hard of hearing? Use the Phone Booster with the speaker phone function for a more clear conversation!

Through his past expereince in building speaker cabinets, Mike has used his knowledge of acoustics to create these Boosters to amplify the sound of smartphones, making them great for music.

Classic Booster

Classic Booster

The base is made with quality, cabinet-grade plywood.


Deluxe Booster

Deluxe Booster

The base is made with various high quality solid hard woods.


*Most boosters have a different combination of woods used, so colors may vary based on availability.*

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